We Have A Catching Fire Director! (It’s Francis Lawrence)

Ever since Gary Ross (director of The Hunger Games) announced he wasn’t coming back for the sequel, Catching Fire, there’s been a lot of discussion across the internet about who might direct the sequel. Last week, a shortlist was revealed, including directors like Alfonsuo Cuaron and David Cronenberg. And this week, we heard that Francis Lawrence and Bennett Miller were now also being considered. But since Catching Fire shoots in the autumn, Lionsgate had to make a decision quickly. And it looks like they’ve made their decision.

Francis Lawrence, director of I Am Legend, (Google him for more of his directorial credits), is going to direct Catching Fire and pick up from where Ross left off. The choice of director apparently went down to Lawrence, and Miller (who directed Moneyball), but Lawrence was chosen over Miller. It was also revealed that Duncan Jones, director of Moon and the superb Source Code was on the shortlist.

The deal’s not done yet, but Lionsgate have to get moving soon to hit their November 22, 2013 release date. All of the first movie’s main actors will return for the sequel.