Watch The First The Bourne Legacy TV Spot

The second full-length trailer for sidequel/spin-off The Bourne Legacy was released on Thursday, (much to my delight) and it looks like the marketing campaign for the actioner is finally kicking in. It’d better be a strong marketing campaign, though, as Legacy has the misfortune of sharing screens with The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises (not to mention Pixar’s Brave, which hits in the same week as Legacy on these shores). Thankfully, the first TV spot, released today, is just as action-packed, exciting, Edward Norton-filled and Bourne fan-baiting as the trailer. Have a look below:

It’s also been announced that Legacy takes place during The Bourne Ultimatum (the third and final film in the original trilogy), which explains why Jason Bourne is in New York and is too busy to appear in Legacy.

The Bourne Legacy hits cinemas on August 3 (US) and August 13 (UK). It could just be the sleeper hit of the summer (It’s up there with The Amazing Spider-Man in the excitement stakes with me).