Watch A Brand New The Amazing Spider-Man Clip

The signs for upcoming reboot for The Amazing Spider-Man are looking increasingly positive. Every time a new bit of footage is released, it’s looking more and more likely that the reboot, the subject of mounds of hate over the past couple of years, will actually be quite good. The marketing campaign for TASM is in full swing now, with the release of the reboot less than a month away, so expect an avalanche of clips and TV spots over the next few weeks, and the usual cracks about someone editing all the footage together to make the while movie by the release date. For now, however, we have a brand new shiny clip of Gwen Stacy being menaced by the Lizard. Oh, and the chance to see Spider-Man using a phone in-suit for the first time in history (What a milestone). Watch, and enjoy, below:

The Amazing Spider-Man is released on July 3.