Vanilla Ice Involved In Ninja Turtles?

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Remember Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ninja Rap’ from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of The Lame-Ass Sequel?

Well brace yourselves. Good or bad, history may repeat itself.

Speaking at the MTV Movie Awards, Vanilla Ice himself hinted that he will be creating a new song for Michael Bay and Jonathan Liebesman’s TMNT reboot, Ninja (Alien) Turtles. An event called ‘Turtlegate’ occured a few months ago when Bay revealed that the Turtles would be aliens in the movie, instead of ninjas, and a bunch of other whacky stuff happened prompting fans everywhere to make petitions, Facebook pages and more attempting to stop Bay from molesting their childhood once again.




“I can’t say anything. I know that they’re not from the sewers now. They’re aliens now or something.”

That’s basically him saying that he is involved. Well what do you think? Do you want to see Vanilla Ice take part in the reboot? What’s your opinion on the reboot in general? Sound off below, and be sure to experience the power of the Ninja Turtle Bass….


SOURCE: The Province (via CBM)

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