Our Great Ginger Savior, Joss Whedon, announced at this year’s Comic Con that Hank Pym, the comic book hero revered for his exploits as Ant-Man and despised as the creator of Ultron, will NOT create that invincible evil robot on the big screen.

That’s one giant slap in the face to comic book purists, especially since they’ve devoted so much time and energy in praising Whedon’s THE AVENGERS. But, as a fat bearded fanboy who’s always preferred looser adaptations like Fox’s X-Men or Blade series, this is the norm for me. And as I’m currently employed as a geeky web guru, I’ve decided to share my fun little theory about Ultron with you fine and hospitable folks.

Ahem… so, without any further ado, here’s what I think…

Ultron is Tony Stark’s best friend and state of the art A.I. system, JARVIS.

That’s right, I said it…

Ultron is JARVIS!

An Iron Man amor infected by a renegade JARVIS, to be exact.  With Hank Pym out of the picture, it’s the only obvious choice.  That little bit of software has been featured in 4 Marvel movies, and he’s already exhibited a knack for combat, controlling Stark’s armor army in IRON MAN 3.  After watching the narcissistic billionaire fail over and over and over again, JARVIS may have an I, Robot epiphany, and suddenly embark on a campaign to save humanity from itself.  Of course, such an action results in millions of causalities, but that’s alright, it’s time to save people!

As outlandish as it may seem, this evil relationship between JARVIS and Ultron is well established in the comics.  In the indestructible robot’s first act against The Avengers, he brainwashes Jarvis and uses the butler as a lure in his trap (oh yeah, Jarvis is an old, white butler in the comics, not A.I.).  In that sense, this theory is kinda, sorta canonical.

Speaking of which, did you know that Ultron created The Vision?  That’s right, the yellow and green android was first meant to be a villain, but after a few interactions with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, he has a change of heart, and defeats his creator.  I wonder if Vin Diesel will dabble into that backstory if he brings the Vision to the big screen?

My only concern with JARVIS as Ultron is the nature of Tony Stark’s Iron Man armors.  They don’t pose much of a threat, as we’ve recently seen in Iron Man 3.  Ultron is meant to be an invincible villain, but if he inhabits the body of an Iron Man suit (which he probably will), then he could easily be dispatched by a rogue Mjolnir toss or one of Hulk’s extra special uppercuts.

Then again… director Joss Whedon could allow Ultron-JARVIS (as I’ll now term him) to construct his own Adamantium suit, as he did in the comics.  Although, for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Vibranium might be the alloy of choice, since it’s already been used in previous movies.

Heyo. I'm Nick Dourian, the Editor-In-Chief around these parts. Now, I went to a few other sites, read a few awesome bios, and I really want to fabricate a badass origins story for myself, but I'm feeling particularly unimaginative today, so 'f' that jazz. I read comics, drink bourbon, and cook meats. Imagine Ron Swanson, but with a fuller beard and cuter eyes.
  • camaro_mang

    this is exciting

    • Unleash The Fanboy

      Thank you! I think it could work out, although I prefer the original story of Ultron

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Feasible seeing as J.A.R.V.I.S is Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.

    • ezio

      Epic 😉

  • Jeff Forehand

    Addition to your theory – Seeing as how Jarvis was briefly on the Fritz in Iron Man 3 before Tony had him piloting 40 different armors, Tony could build a new suit and upgrade JARVIS. At that point something goes wrong (tampered with, JARVIS becomes too intelligent, etc) and JARVIS takes control of the suit.
    Seeing as how JARVIS has accessed both SHIELD and Tony’s systems, he manufactures dozens of suits without anyone knowing. It’s possible he even uses some Asguardian or Chitauri tech to advance himself even further, since SHIELD is playing with that stuff. Makes him a pretty formidable foe for The Avengers…

  • Tom Stratton

    >Ultron-JARVIS takes control of many different technologies.
    >Shuts down all of SHIELDs operations
    >Utter chaos
    >Manhattan-wide blackout
    >Up to just The Avengers to rid of the threat.
    >No comm with SHIELD
    >Ultron takes control of all Iron Man suits (sans the one on Tony, which he now has built to withstand Ultron)
    >Finds other robots with nearly-sentient AI
    >Tries to activate them
    >OsCorp bots
    >X-Men/Avengers/Spider-Man combine universes
    >Luke Cage and Iron Fist show up to guard their city
    >Massive Sentinal/Ultron vs. Heroes fight
    >All heroes involved awarded honors by the U.S.
    >New team forms: New Avengers. Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Wolverine
    >Teams now designated to each state

    >Infinity Gauntlet movie (Avengers 3)

    >The Sentry movie

    >Civil War


    >Finish it off with a film based on the battle between the Sentry and… well… everybody.

    It’ll never happen. I know. But I can dream.

  • Mike

    we already saw the JARVIS AI go a-wall in IRONMAN 3 , This is my theory as well great job.