TRANSFORMERS Director MICHAEL BAY Assaulted in Hong Kong


Michael Bay is one of those movie directors that many people claim should get punched. In fact, many people on various forums claim they would, but that is just tough talk from sad, pathetic people. These people don’t actually mean it, but behind the safety of their computer, I guess bravado comes out. But these two guys in Hong Kong weren’t messing around!

While filming Transformers: Age of Extinction, Bay was approached by two local brothers. The two guys, who had the surname of Mak, demanded that Bay hand over the equivalent of $12,900 dollars!

After Bay assumedly refused, the elder sibling attacked him. Police were called, but the elder sibling even ended up fighting the three officers who arrived! The police, of course, ended up arresting both brothers on accounts of blackmail and assault. A third man, with the surname of Chan, was also arrested at the scene.


Bay received injuries to the right side of his face, but continues filming after the matter was settled. The three policeman were sent to the hospital to treat minor injuries, and the younger Mak sibling was also taken to a hospital, after claiming that he didn’t feel well.

You’re probably wondering: Why did they attack Bay? Reportedly, filming had forced various shops and restaurants in the area to close temporarily. Geez, the two guys could have waited, or gone somewhere else.

Anyway, I’m glad that Bay is all right, even if his films tend to not be so great. With that said, Transformers: Age of Extinction, which will be released in US cinemas on June 27, 2014, looks good so far.



Source: Yahoo