The Time of MONSTERS! GODZILLA And KING KONG Getting New Films!

The two kings of Creature Feature night are set to re-take the big screen again! Godzilla, who starred in a film this year, will be starring once again, in a sequel, while King Kong is seemingly receiving a prequel/origin story!

This year’s Godzilla film was a box office hit, and was mostly liked by critics, but some fans complained that there wasn’t enough hardcore kaiju action (although the climax was undeniably exciting). Well, it seems these fans have something to look forward to!

Legendary Studios announced at Comic-Con today that the Godzilla sequel would feature three classic Godzilla characters: Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah. Supposedly, this could lead to an all-out battle royal. Director Gareth Edwards will return to direct once he is finished with Star Wars. No release date as of yet, but Legendary strongly hinted at a third film, which would feature other classic foes!


Meanwhile, Universal and Legendary are co-producing a new King Kong film, titled Skull Island, named after the island where King Kong originated. Supposedly, the film could be an origin type story, although no official word has been given, and a teaser for the film featured a fully grown King Kong. The film is set for a November 4, 2016 date.

This will be Kong’s first film since the popular Peter Jackson version. It’ll be interesting to see if Legendary can snap up an equally skilled director!

So, interested in these films? Sound off below!


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