What’s better than a slow-mo video set to the passionate sounds of 80’s pop rock? How about that same slow-mo video…but with nunchucks!!!

In this hilarious internet clip from Hobo With a Shotgun director Jason Eisner, we’re taken on a whimsical journey through the bizarre depths of one man’s love…a love for nunchucks.

Nunchucks II Teaser from Jon Eisener on Vimeo.

So what do you guys think? Pretty bizarre stuff, right? I didn’t really know what was going on, myself. But you could literally post anything on the internet, and as long as it was cradled against that soothing background music, it would have my vote for clip of the week.

Heyo. I'm Nick Dourian, the Editor-In-Chief around these parts. Now, I went to a few other sites, read a few awesome bios, and I really want to fabricate a badass origins story for myself, but I'm feeling particularly unimaginative today, so 'f' that jazz. I read comics, drink bourbon, and cook meats. Imagine Ron Swanson, but with a fuller beard and cuter eyes.
  • jasoneisener

    you can watch all of Nunchucks 2
    Brake the chains that bind you!

    • Steve Lemlek

      haha, too true!!! Great find, and thanks for commenting!