The Total Cost Of The Chitauri Invasion In The Avengers Revealed

A recent report by movie disaster experts aiming to figure out how much the damage done to New York in The Avengers would cost is stating that it would cost $160bn. Those experts are Kinetic Analysis Corp, a leading disaster-cost firm in the US. The physical damage of the invasion would cost $60-70bn, and economic and cleanup costs coming in at $90bn. For comparison, the total cost of damage done by 9/11 was $83 billion, Hurricane Katrina cost $90 billion, and the tsunami in Japan last year cost $122 billion. Damn, thats’s a lot of dough. But who would be footing this utterly-massive bill?

S.H.I.E.L.D., that’s who. They go on to state that considering two of the major players in the destruction (Loki and Thor) are worshipped as deities in some cultures that it could be classed as an ‘Act of God’, but of course there would be a lot of people disagreeing with that logic. But, surprisingly, if Loki’s plan had been different (destroying the Earth instead of ruling it) the cost would likely have been much higher. They reference Independance Day here, where the aliens invading in that movie just wanted to completely destroy the Earth.

“Compared to the aliens in¬†Independence Day, for example, these guys were amateurs. Of course, the Chitauri/Loki alliance were more interested in conquest and ruling, whereas the ID aliens were just looking for lunch or something.”


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