The Thunder God Looks Extra Dapper in First THOR : THE DARK WORLD Poster

Marvel’s unveiled their first official poster for Alan Taylor’s THOR : THE DARK WORLD, featuring Chris Hemsworth in all of his thunder-raging glory, and I must admit… I’m fucking psyched for the trailer (which debuts next week). Even though I was a huge fan of Kenneth Branaugh‘s original take on the character, that flick wasn’t much more than a romantic comedy. An amazing, cape and hammer infused romcom, but a romcom nonetheless. And don’t even get me started on Joss Whedon’s bastardization of the character in The Avengers. The woe of those those lackluster fight scenes!

“In this shot, Thor kicks Loki 3 feet through a piece of glass”… makes sense for a guy who just tussled with Savage Hulk, right?

In The Dark World with the King of the Dark Elves, Malekith,and his lava minotaur buddy, Kurse, hot on the heels of the Thunder God, we’re destined to witness a properly tragic sequel (in the style of The Empire Strikes Back, hopefully).

What do you guys think of this poster? I’m a huge fan of it… if only for the “we totally stole this from the Battlefield 3 cover” aesthetics Marvel’s perfectly executed. But in all seriousness, with such a dark and gritty director at the helm (Alan Taylor previously directed Game of Thrones), there’s a really REALLY good chance that we’ll see one of the best superhero/viking/war movies in recent memory… as long as the cinematography (and fight scenes) aren’t lazy… looking at you Whedon.

And on that note, I’d like to officially request that the fanboy community stop flooding my inbox with hate mail. I know I’m a whiny asshole for picking a few points on Whedon… but that’s just what I do!