The Ten Rings Return Confirmed For IRON MAN 3

This may seem like a ridiculous article, given that the Mandarin is the villain, but we finally have confirmation that the terrorist organisation known as the Ten Rings will be back to haunt Tony Stark some more in Iron Man 3. It was revealed that in the first movie the terrorists who kidnapped Stark and held him for ransom were linked to (or were) the Ten Rings, as seen in this image from it below:

See that logo on the banner in the background? They also had a presence in Iron Man 2. The agent who gave Ivan Vanko fake documents in Russia was said as a Ten Rings agent in the script, but that part was cut and they left his identity ambiguous. Anyway, Latino Review came across a photo of a crew hat for the threequel with the logo of the group on it, and if you want further confirmation then the hat specifically said it was for Iron Man 3.

SOURCE: Latino Review

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