The SKWAD Assembles in First SUICIDE SQUAD Poster!

DC looks set to own this week – tonight a new episode of The Flash hits our screens, and then after that an awesome-sounding TV special, DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League, will land at 9.30pm ET/8.30pm CT on the CW (with a first look at the League!!!) with new Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman footage – as well as a new Suicide Squad trailer! If that wasn’t enough, Arrow returns tomorrow night, and Thursday is the premiere of Legends of Tomorrow. What a geeky week, ‘ey?

I know what you’re thinking – “my poor groin can’t take any more awesome!” – well, tough shit. The first poster for Suicide Squad has broken, after a bout of artistic-and-cool character posters earlier in the week, and it’s available right below this sentence for your viewing pleasure. In fact, you’ve probably stopped reading what I’ve written to ogle at it, and potentially spontaneously combust from the sheer level of joy which DC is blessing us with this week. Er, check it out below.

This is a pretty interesting poster, design-wise. What’s with the two crosses and strange, broken splodge of paint behind the Squad? Why is the Joker standing on one – other than to reflect how he’s not actually part of them? Could it be an ‘X marks the spot’ situation, and they’re on the hunt for Joker, who’s broken out of Arkham?

….hey, that’s not that bad actually.

Whatever it means, it’s certainly a very nice and aesthetically pleasing poster – hopefully the trailer later on today will be just as great!