The Rock Confirms He’s In Talks For Lobo

lobo banner The Rock Confirms Hes In Talks For Lobo

Every week or so Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson takes to his Twitter account to conduct a Q&A session called #RockTalk and usually a geek asks him about comic book movies. In the past the actor has been rumoured to play the title lead in the Brad Peyton (Journey 2) directed Lobo, and in this session he confirmed those rumours.

the rock lobo screencap The Rock Confirms Hes In Talks For Lobo

I know next to nothing about the Lobo character, but from what I do know the Rock doesn’t seem a right fit, to me at least. I’d much rather he played somebody like Drax or Luke Cage. What do you think about the Rock playing Lobo? Sound off below.

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  • Steve Lemlek

    Let DC take him! I don’t want him anywhere near the MArvelverse. Not because he’s a terrible actor or anything (but on that point, he can’t hold a candle next to any of Marvel’s other leading men)….

    It’s jus tthat he’s the Rock. He’s personality is too big for the MCU, and I think any character he’ll play will be lost in that

  • Sal

    Rock is a good choice for LOBO. I think Mario Van Peebles would be perfect for the role of Luke Cage (if he is still in great shape). I know there has been talk of Terry Crews in that role but I say go with Mike Clark Duncan. he has the perfect attitude for it. As a side note, everyone wants a Luke Cage movie but nobody every mentions IronFist. I think the PowerMan/IronFist books were the best editions of either character’s history/titles/series.

  • Wolftech

    No… just NO.

  • Ericon9

    Jeffery Dean Morgan wanted to play Lobo and he looks/acts a lot more like him than Johnson. I say let JDM play the Main Man.
    Isn’t DC doing a Captain Marvel film? Let the Rock play Black Adam.

  • Mutton

    NO thanks !!!

  • Jerichodrum

    considering Joel silver is doing it, I have my doubts. He has been a very shaky producer. yes some of his movies like the Matrix trilogies went well, but then you have things like, Dungeons and Dragons, i doubt Mr Silver. Personally I think he tries to add camp and humour where there shouldn’t be any. This is the guy that put nipples on Cloony’s Batman costume.

    • Steve Lemlek

      I think Joel is just a boozy, shmoozy Hollywood guy, as opposed to a hands on producer… so I think his input is pretty minimal (although I’m sure he’d argue otherwise)

  • Vorador34

    The Rock could do it, but he would have to be one mean, cigar-smoking, mass-murdering psychopath. I’ve always thought a Lobo movie would be PHENOMENAL, but he’s EVIL!! In some of his comics from the past, he’s killed Santa Claus (a great book) and even God. In other words, a good Lobo movie would probably be rated X.

  • Vorador34

    Let me re-phrase. A good Lobo movie just isn’t feasible.

  • burnupguy

    oh the rock could do it. I mean if u remember his wrestling persona he seems almost too perfect to be lobo. I mean cocky, only honorable to his word in the most devious way, and wanting to bring on the pain. and thats not mentioning the physically imposing frame that would be required to play lobo. I mean replace “can u smell what the rock is cooking” with ” you don’t mess with the main man” tell me u don’t see it

  • Dirk

    Four words… “Blazing Chains of Love.”

  • http://twitter.com/orYans_belt O’Ryan Heideman

    I think hes totally wrong for the part of Lobo

  • Wayne D Whitlock

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG… thats the only way to describe this!

    I totally adore LOBO, and i only hafta repeat what Frye from Futurama said:

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