The LONE RANGER Trailer Isn’t Bad but Doesn’t Capture the Right Feeling

The Lone Ranger is a pretty legendary name. Most of today’s generation sadly don’t know who this guy is. Sometimes you may get an answer like “He was an old cowboy” or “Wasn’t there an old black and white TV series?” Indeed, much like the Green Hornet, not too many are aware of these classic characters. What better way to re-introduce them for the modern audience than with a film? Sadly the Green Hornet movie didn’t exactly work out. It was an action comedy, everything the Hornet is not. The Lone Ranger film hasn’t been getting too much hype like all the other films, (did you know that it’s actually coming out next year? One week before PACIFIC RIM?) but a trailer was just released two days ago. Make of it as you will.

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The problem is that it looks to be an action blockbuster. That normally wouldn’t be a bad thing, but the Lone Ranger isn’t known for the action. It’s known for its heart and deep stories. The trailer makes it look like just another action movie. If you’ve been reading the current Ongoing series by Ande Parks, you would get what I’m saying. Either way, this film could still surprise me. Honestly, I don’t think it’s going to do very well. It’s releasing so close to PACIFIC RIM, a film the general population is looking forward more to. It would make more sense for G.I. Joe to be in that spot, since it’s technically supposed to be more of an action film. Hopefully this film doesn’t end up being another Battleship.

The Lone Ranger rides into theaters on July 3rd.

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