The DEADPOOL Trailers Are HERE!!!

deadpool trailer trailer

When was the last time fans were this hyped about a pair of trailers? Well, there was Batman v Superman, Age of Ultron, Suicide Squad, Guardians of the Galaxy… okay, okay.

As promised, Ryan Reynolds appeared on Conan last night to debut the new red-band trailer for Deadpool, filled with all the R-rated goodies you’d expected. And then there’s the green-band trailer for if you’re, y’know, lame. Check ’em out!!

The R-rated trailer is easily my favourite, and from the looks of it this movie is gonna be a ton of fun. It’s pretty much the same as the footage that got shown at Comic-Con a few weeks ago but with a few edits made here and there. You can tell that everybody involved wants to be there and Reynolds is just having the best time of his life as this character and wearing that suit – all the damn time. He even wore it to Conan (kinda).

I’ve said before that Deadpool can end up being a hit that makes a lot of money, or it’ll completely bomb but become a cult classic. It could go either way – or it could suck. But hey, it can’t be worse than X-Men Origins: Wolverine, right?!