The Avengers: Opening Weekend International Box Office Round-Up

It hasn’t even opened in Russia, China, Japan or North America yet, but on its opening weekend, Marvel’s The Avengers has smashed box-office records in its opening weekend in 39 territories, hurtling to a huge international total (as of 17.45 GMT on the 29 April) of $178.4 million. It’s broken opening records in Brazil, Argentina, Central America, Peru, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and the Phillipines, just to name a handful of countries. It also earned the third-highest opening total for a Thursday in the UK (behind Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – which went on to make just under a billion dollars each).  It’s beginning to look inevitable that Marvel’s superhero team-up will become part of the $1 billion club.

Editor of Box Office Guru, @giteshpandya tweeted today: ”Massive $178.4M WED-SUN intl debut for #Avengers. Biggest opening wknd ever in many mkts. $1B possible!”, followed by ”#Avengers intl bows led by $24.7M UK, $19.7M Oz, $15.9M Mex, $12.9M Kor. Chn/Jpn/Rus/US to come & may add $500M.” Wow.

If you live in Britain, Europe, parts of Asia, Australia, South America and Central America, you can see The Avengers today. If you live in China, Russia or North America, The Avengers hits cinemas on May 4 for you.