Following the blockbuster performance of The Avengers earlier this summer, Marvel (along with its parent company, Disney) have started to greedily shift their eyes towards the wide world of live action television. Since the House of Mouse happens to own its fair share of small screen networks, with ABC towering above the rest, an Avengers spin-off series is a natural fit.

Well, we’ve managed to get the juicy details of the project (via our good friends at Deadline), so check out the deets below:

I’ve learned that Marvel’s TV division is in conversation with ABC and ABC Studios about doing a drama series in the Avengers world. […]

I hear the project is in a nascent stage, described as “a kernel of an idea,” with a number of scenarios being explored, including a high-concept cop show

Well, well, well…  What’s with this “high-concept cop show” idea?  Is that a pretty transparent allusion to Nick Fury and his buddies at SHIELD, or could it be more akin to the indie comic Powers?

All I know is this… as long as J.J. Abrams stays away from this project (curse you and your cliffhangers!), then I’m game. Although, I’d much rather watch an ‘R’ rated series starring one of Marvel’s superheroes. The Punisher, perhaps?

SOURCE: deadline