New The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer To Be Attached To The Avengers

A few days ago, the news broke that the third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises would screen with US screenings of The Avengers starting May 4. Those of us in the UTF offices on the other side of the pond (and hell, even us Brits) were pretty excited by the two best-looking superhero movies of 2012 sort of… colliding for a couple of minutes. Well, if you thought that a new TDKR trailer with The Avengers sounded pretty awesome… it’s about to get even cooler.

Marc Webb confirmed on Attack of the Show last night that the third trailer for the third best looking superhero movie of 2012, The Amazing Spider-Man will be screened with The Avengers starting May 4… along with the new TDKR trailer. Webb also confirmed that the new trailer will be up on the internet on May 3.

It’s a pretty crafty way of attracting Spider-Man and Batman fans/Nolanites to a movie they might not see otherwise, and earning that little bit more at the box office. But it’s also just pretty damn exciting that we get new trailers for Rises and TASM in the same week. With the god-damn Avengers. Now that, is geek heaven, right there.

The Amazing Spider-Man hits cinemas on 3 July.