Thank Shenron! Next DRAGON BALL Z Film To Open in Japan Spring 2015!

Dragon Ball is one of those franchises that seems like it will end the same day Superman and Pokémon end. Which means never. To reinforce this point, the announcement was just made that we’ll be getting yet another film to add to the already large collection!

Japanese game and manga magazine V Jump announced that Dragon Ball Z was receiving a 15th film. Like the previous film, Battle of Gods, original manga author Akira Toriyama will be handling the screenplay and character designs himself. The as-of-now untitled film will be released in Japanese cinemas next Spring, during Golden Week.


Toriyama commented that he’s adding more action scenes, while also keeping the sense of humor, saying that it will be “utterly funny”. Apparently, even his strict editor is pleased with the script, which Toriyama reportedly worked really hard on.

While not confirmed, it seems likely that this film will be a sequel to Battle of Gods, as the film seemingly purposely brought up a whole new plot-line that could be expanded into a whole series. Toriyama also said that, like Battle of Gods, this film would continue the story from the manga.


And don’t forget, as we previously reported, Battle of Gods will screen in North America for a limited time in August! If it does well, I assume the next film will also screen over here.

Are you excited for this upcoming film? Do you want to see more of the gods, or see Vegeta get Saiyan God form? Or is DBZ getting milked? Don’t be afraid to say your opinions!