Typically with reboots, the new story will start from scratch and not be connected to any previous story that’s come out, as evidenced by movies like Batman Begins and The Amazing Spider-Man. One exception to this rule was the 2009’s Star Trek, which utilized time travel to connect the previous Star Trek canon with the rebooted franchise. Now, the upcoming reboot Terminator Genesis is said to be taking inspiration from Star Trek, as well as Back to the Future Part II, in how its story will connect to the previous movies.

Moviehole is reporting from a source, who they describe as “really reputable,” that Genesis will go back and forth between the original 1984 film, Terminator 2 and “other important and influential time periods in the life of the Connor family.” This means we will revisit the iconic scene of the Terminator arriving in 1984, kick some bikers asses and killing different Sarah Connors’ until he finds the right one.


It’s already known that Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, John Connor and the original Terminator, played by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, will be appearing in the film, but apparently so will other characters from the James Cameron films. However, things might turn out different this time around for everyone.

And all the characters that appeared in the Cameron original, like Detective Hal Vukovich (played by Lance Henriksen in the original), Lieutenant Ed Traxler (played by Paul Winfield way back when), Sarah’s roomie Ginger (Bess Motta in the ’84 film) and, yep, even Pugsley the Iguana, return. So, yep, we’ll likely get to see Schwarzenegger back in the leather jacket and cool sunglasses he wore in the original. And, of course, Kyle Reese (Courtney) volunteers to go back to 1984 and save Sarah – just as he did first time around. But don’t expect everything to work out like it did in the original.. something is going to play out different.

That last sentence is the most important. Much like how Nero and Spock Prime traveling back in time altered the course of events in Star Trek, something will happen in Terminator Genesis that will change how thing happen. Eventually the film will revisit T2, with the T-1000 killing John Connor’s foster parents and hunting him down while he’s under the protection of a reprogrammed Arnold Terminator. The film will also visit never-before-seen events, such as seeing young Sarah with her parents.


None of this has been officially confirmed, but it would make sense if the film went this route. Time travel is one of the few plot devices that allows continuities to merge together, so it’s not unfeasible to imagine something in the Terminator timeline changing the progression of events. The question is what could dramatically alter all this.

Perhaps Sarah Connor is killed in 1984. Perhaps the movie pulls the same stunt The Sarah Connor Chronicles did and have her jumping forward in time to avoid Skynet’s assassins. Maybe Kyle survives the events of 1984 and is able to raise John with Sarah. That rumor about a Terminator traveling back to kill Sarah as a child could be true. There aren’t as many directions for the film to go down compared to something like something like Star Trek, but it will still be interesting to see what they decide on…just as long as it erases the events of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

More important than all of that is this: how the hell are they going to explain Arnold’s Terminator looking way older than he did in the original? The man doesn’t exactly look like he did in 1984 and 1991.


SOURCE: Moviehole