SUICIDE SQUAD Director David Ayer Teases New Toys

With a new trailer having just been recently released, excitement for Suicide Squad is at an all-time high. As such, there’s no better time than the present to start getting fans excited for upcoming merchandise. David Ayer, the film’s director, did just that when he sent out the following tweet last night.

While the above Harley Quinn figure is the only photo that Ayer released, he later sent out another tweet which indicates that DC Collectibles will be releasing many more figures based upon other members of Task Force X.

Ayer has not confirmed any specific characters, but the likeliest choices would be other Squad members in addition to the Joker. It is possible that there may also be an appearance by the film’s main villain, which remains shrouded in mystery. In the meantime, having Margot Robbie on your shelf is never exactly a bad thing.

Suicide Squad releases on August 5. Feel free to share your comments on the above Harley figure—as well as which other characters you’d like to see as collectible toys—in the comments below.