Still Wondering if ANT-MAN is Any Good? James Gunn Says it is!

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When Guardians of the Galaxy was first announced, many Marvel fans believed the studio was scraping the bottom of the barrel, looking for superheroes to fill their new Phase 2 set of movies. While that may have been true, the film proved to be one of the funniest experiences at the movies in most recent years, especially since everything that has been coming out lately is very serious and dark. The director of said film, James Gunn, has now spoken out about which film is actually the best one yet, and it isn’t his, Avengers, or even Winter Soldier, it’s Marvel’s littlest hero, Ant-Man!

Well, his favourite since Iron Man at least.

Ant-Man may just be my favorite Marvel film since Jon Favreau’s Iron Man (well, maybe excluding one film to which I’m partial). Honestly, the movie is a complete blast! I was so happy after seeing it. It’s never boring for a second and it’s hilarious and warm throughout. It doesn’t get caught up in the webbing of its own science-fiction concept like so many movies do these days, remaining simple and elegant. It’s a part of the Marvel universe without being ruled by that fact.

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Wow, some pretty strong and positive opinions coming from the director who pretty much brought fun back to the superhero genre! Kevin Feige, the man in charge of forming and tying together the MCU does have a different opinion about what might actually be the best superhero movie ever, and that’s Spider-Man 2! It is one of my favorite super hero movies (next to X-Men, Tim Burton’s Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy…) although I do have my gripes about it, mainly, “How can Doc Ock take a punch from Spider-Man, who was able to stop a speeding train from derailing using his superior strength?” Was Spider-Man holding back? Did Doc Ock gain invulnerability because of his accident? All I figured was his arms came to life and started controlling him – admittedly, that is what happened for the rest of the movie…

Those were my thoughts on that, but if James Gunn says Ant-Man is good then I’ll take him up on his word and check out the last of Phase 2 when it arrives in theaters on July 17th!


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