That’s one of the possible titles for the first film from J. J. Abram’s brand new Star Wars Trilogy. At least, according to our fine friends at /Film. A bit too reminiscent of Episode 4, which we all know and love as A New Hope, Star Wars Episode 7: A New Dawn will very likely begin in a similar fashion.

We’ve already heard reports that Tatooine and the Millenium Falcon are destined to return, all of which was more than obvious to your friendly neighborhood fanboys. If the general public would only learn to read between the lines, then we could’ve saved all of these feigned gasps of shock for a later occasion. It’s not like we’re translating Korriban runes or anything.

With a possible title revealed (and since it indicates almost nothing about the scope of the flick) what other names would you have preferred? A title drenched in Star Wars myth, alluding to a sinister plot?

Return of The Sith? Shadow of the Empire? A Ruined Hope?

Or perhaps something a bit more inspiring, but more informative than the bland “A New Dawn?

How about The New Republic? Or The New Jedi? No, wait… I’ve got the perfect title…

One Night in Coruscant

What do you think? Is the title satisfactory? Or do you prefer something with a spoonful more “hmph!”


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