Spidey’s Enemies Unite In New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Previews


A couple days ago, Sony released Part 1 of their Super Bowl preview for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In case you didn’t catch it the first time, take a look below.

As you can see, although Peter caught Gwen, their fate was left uncertain as they crashed through the glass roof of that eerie looking building. Well, as we expected, the two of them made it out fine in the second half of the Super Bowl preview. See for yourself.

Oh sure, something bad could still happen to Gwen at some point, but for now Peter’s girlfriend is safe. Still, with an electric man, a guy inside a robotic rhino and…well, a green goblin running around New York City, it’s going to be tough staying safe for long.

Speaking of Spider-Man’s enemies, Sony also released an extended Enemies Unite preview (nearly four minutes long) for the upcoming film, and unlike the first full-length trailer, we’re getting a lot more of Electro this time around.

I can’t be the only who’s getting a Jim Carrey Riddler vibe from Jamie Foxx’s Electro. Guy meets idol, guy becomes obsessed with idol, guy gains new abilities and completely misinterprets how idol treated him and goes looking for revenge. It’s not necessarily a bad character model, but I hope the movie fleshes Electro out more and shows him as more than just the lonely guy who abuses his new superpowers.

Still, with all the focus that we had on Harry Osborn in the last trailer, I’m glad we had more Electro action in this trailer. I mean, we still saw more of Dane Dehaan, but nothing we hadn’t already seen. Now we just need a better look at Paul Giamatti. He has repeatedly said he hammed it up for his role as Aleksei Sytsevich, so I want to see just how hammy he plays the Russian mobster.

I’m still getting a Spider-Man 3 vibe from this film, i.e. too many villains and story lines overlapping each other, but after watching these previews I’m slightly more excited for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, if only just to see Jamie Foxx’s “shocking performance” (sorry, had to do it).

SOURCE: CBM Trailers