Some New Interviews With The Stars Of The Avengers (Assemble)

A bunch of new interviews with the cast/crew of The Avengers have surfaced on EW and supposedly the interview was conducted by them. Kevin Feige (if you don’t know who he is then I’m worried) has said this, regarding Iron Man’s suit:

“I’m still trying to, without moving backwards, remember the character that [Iron Man and Iron Man 2 director] Jon Favreau and I created, and be true to that.

Avengers has always been this kind of hovering [thing]. Is it really possible? I just think that it was an incredibly ambitious notion, and looking back at Marvel and their fledgling years, they always had a vision of this … although not entirely accurately. In one teaser I say, ‘I’m putting a team together,’ and in the other one I’m like, ‘What do you mean I can’t join the team?’ But aside from that, it kind of really tracks through.”

Chris Evans (Captain America) has said this, regarding Cap’s transition to modern life:

“I don’t want to ruin anything, but the few people [Steve Rogers knew] who may be alive are probably in their 80’s, and for the most part, everyone is gone. He never had much family before, but anyone he could possibly consider close has gone by the wayside. If there’s one word that describes Cap in The Avengers, it would be “lonely.”

“Who does he have in the world? Nobody. Rogers is kind of defined by is his morals and values. In the ‘40s there was much more of value on those things. Things are a little more impersonal these days. It just lends itself to his sense of isolation.”

Jeremy ‘Hawkeye’ Renner and Scarlett ‘We’ve All Seen Her Boobs’ Johannssen speak out on their characters in the movie:

“I’m on such the periphery. By nature of being a sniper on top of a building, the behavior of a sniper is a loner. He gets a call and comes and does his thing.”

“Occasionally it does come up where I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I’m the only girl in a group of 15 stunt men and seven cast. But I’m hanging in there. It’s fun.”

Read Mark ‘Hulk’ Ruffalo talk about his role in the movie, where he says that that the Hulk is an addiction:

“The rage is something that is like going on a binger — you wake up after a blackout and you did all this f—ed up shit. Oh God, what did I do? And so we were talking about it like that, actually. At the beginning of The Avengers, “[Banner] starts like he’s sober in a weird way. He’s started a whole new life when we find him, and it’s cool. Things don’t stay that way, of course.”

And finally, Chris ‘Thor’ Hemsworth talks his role in the movie, and calls the team ‘Misfits’

“There’s a maturity to the character because of the journey he went on, certainly. He was a petulant sort of kid at the beginning of Thor, and by the end of it hopefully you walk away thinking that he is matured and there was a grounded quality to him that wasn’t there before.”

“There are certainly moments where Thor says things and there’s a sideways glance from everybody: ‘What the hell is this guy talking about?”

“He’s not quite the odd one out as much as he was in Thor. These guys … one of them wears an iron suit, one of them turns into a big, green monster. They all have these crazy personalities, and alter egos. They’re misfits, and that’s how they fit, in a funny way.”

And in other news, the next Hulk movie has officially been titled ‘Hulk Smash!’. And if you don’t understand that joke then you haven’t heard the Avengers news of the day, check Breaking News. Anyway, don’t forget this…