SINISTER SIX Movie Won’t Follow The Classic Lineup of Spidey Villains

If you were looking forward to seeing the old-school Sinister Six group team up in future Spider-Man movies, prepare to have your dreams squashed. In an interview with IGN, producer Avi Arad stated that the lineup of villains in Sinister Six wouldn’t match the classic line-up seen in the early stories.

When you translate comic to film the word ‘classic’ means the first fifty issues. Because after that we all made changes; changes that had to do with science-fiction turning into science. I think just the need to move this world forward.


The lineup will instead consist of villains that make the most sense in the world they’re building, according to producer Matt Tomalch. Arad also reiterated their goal of properly representing the core characteristics of these characters, while at the same time making necessary adjustments (especially towards Rhino).

So, of course we’ll make adaptations about these guys and what was their motivations because many of them have multiple motivations. It depends, is it ultimate Spider-Man? Is it Spider-Man? Is it some three-piece issue that takes them to space? We have a bigger responsibility to represent the character of the villain as it was conceived, because that way it will survive the test of time. All the rest… that’s a movie. What an opportunity to make– can you imagine seeing Paul Giamatti in a leather suit? I think they would have killed us. They gave us a hard time with the Lizard.

Well, there you have it. Robot Rhino trumps leather-suited Rhino for cinematic storytelling. It’s a lame excuse, although I still suspect that Giamatti will be put into  an exoskeleton for Amazing Spider-Man 3, like the one seen in Ultimate Spider-Man.


As for the lineup, I don’t mind that they’re not using the classic lineup. As long as the villains they do use are interesting and work with the story, then that should be fine (though this doesn’t mean that they have to be good guys). The franchise already hinted at future villains, but since we’re likely to see more than six Spidey villains by the time Sinister Six is released, the membership remains unclear.

As long as they don’t include Venom, I’ll be satisfied. That guy will already be kicking enough ass in his own movie, he doesn’t need other villains to fall back on.