SINISTER SIX And AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3 Get Pushed Back! Does Sony Have a Plan?

Lately, many comic fans have begun to name Sony the worst of the CBM creators, surpassing WB and FOX (although both of those have seemingly begun to bring their A-game recently). Sony’s recent Amazing Spider-Man 2 seemingly performed less than they had hoped, and fan reaction mostly ranged from disinterest to disgust. For the last few months, the future of the Spider-Man films seemed in doubt.

Well, fans don’t need to worry (?) anymore, as villain-centered spin-off Sinister Six, and Amazing Spider-Man 3 now have release dates….just not the initial ones! Sinister Six, The Hollywood Reporter….reports, is set to open November 11, 2016, with the third Amazing Spider-Man set for sometime in 2018.


November 2016 is actually a safe date….by then, The Hunger Games films will be over, so Sony might be trying to claim November as their own…however, they will have to deal with the Harry Potter prequels. But the real note-worthy item stemming from this is…originally, Amazing Spider-Man 3 was set for June 10, 2016! Meaning, it’s being pushed back two whole years!

Now, many box office analysts have been theorizing that ASM2 underperformed due to “franchise fatigue”, so it may be smart of Sony to wait until Spider-Man is fresh again. On the other hand, 2018 will have been FOUR years after film 2. Will that be too large a gap? And will audiences care about Sinister Six at all?

Many fans have been petitioning for Marvel Studios to regain the rights to the web-slinger, and reportedly, if Sony spends too much time idle, Marvel gets the rights by default. Meanwhile, no updates regarding the other spin-off, Venom.

Currently, Drew Goddard (Buffy, Cabin in the Woods) is writing Sinister Six. No director has been confirmed yet. Thoughts?


  • Jacked UP

    Could Sony pull a Sinister Six movie WITHOUT Peter Parker? Or is it a must? Hmmmm?

    • RDC

      Of course they couldn’t pull a SS film without SM. All of their stories have revolved around SM, so to leave him out would be silly. It would be smart to feature SM in the SS film, yet not focus on him too much and give rise to some other major hero in the Sm universe, like the Black Cat for example, or even Cardiac, who are both kind of potential former villains/anti-heroes that could help diverse and expand the SM universe while giving Spidey fans just enough to hold them over until 2018 for ASM3.

      • Jacked UP

        I have to agree to some extent. But the less they ‘need’ Spidey the stronger the franchise will be. Black Cat is a must and is already in place. What I think we will see is a division among the six in the first movie. Heroes will be born….possibly some we never see coming. I’m shooting from the hip here, but maybe a division in the house of Osborn. Will Daddy come back to rule the roost? Will Harry come to his senses and side with Peter? Didn’t work to well in public opinion last time, but IDK…could it work? There are LOADS of possiblities. I’m not expecting a cut and dry sinister six story at all.


  • VirgilHawkins

    I wouldn’t want Marvel to secure the rights fully so much as I wish they’d be able to share them. Let Sony make Spiderman movies and have their own Spidey-Verse, but the also connect it to the larger MCU. It’d allow for Spiderman to show up in Avengers films, maybe have an avenger or an avenger’s villain in a spidey film, and there wouldn’t be pressure on Marvel Studios to try and juggle so many film franchises under one house.