Santa Just Brought Us A New DEADPOOL Trailer

Christmas Deadpool Trailer 1

Ever since the #12DaysOfDeadpool promotional event began, fans have been getting pumped for the release of a new Deadpool trailer on Christmas morning. And that’s exactly what we got, in the form of the bloodiest trailer yet. Sensitive readers should be warned that the following trailer contains loads of violence and language that deem it incredibly NSFW. But you shouldn’t be at work on Christmas anyway, so fuck that noise.

Seriously. If I offended you just now, do not watch this video.

Technically, most of what you’ve just seen is pretty familiar. Footage from a lot of those scenes has appeared in previous promotional materials, but we’ve now gotten a much better look at them. For instance, the fight scene on the bridge appears as if it might actually open the movie. It’s possible that Deadpool’s narration was recorded simply for the trailer, but this is also a movie about a character who frequently breaks the fourth wall. It wouldn’t be surprising if they started that up in the opening minutes.

Either way, it’s clear that Wade Wilson’s trademark sense of humor is going to be a part of his character long before his transformation into Deadpool. Scenes from his origin story feature numerous humorous references, including a mockery of the Shake Weight and a reference to Angel Dust as Jose Canseco (odd, since he called her “angry Rosie O’Donnell” in the original cut). Still, his interactions with girlfriend Vanessa indicate that he does have a serious side.

Eventually, we’re treated to a very new sight. After a brief shot of an explosion, Wade stands amidst the rubble. Despite his accelerated healing powers and near indestructibility, we can tell from this brief glimpse that he looks a bit different, so this is definitely the rubble of the building in which the Weapon X program was being conducted.

Christmas Deadpool Trailer 2

After this, Wade stitches together his Deadpool suit and we get a shot of a giant map on a corkboard. It’s full of notes and pictures with knifes (and one lawn dart) sticking out of them, indicating that one of the biggest things to cause Wilson’s instability may be his resentment for what Ajax did to his face. Of course, Ajax also appears to have either threatened or kidnapped Vanessa. Also note that Ajax isn’t in the bulk of the pictures. Either Deadpool has had this board for a while, or he’s going to hunt down a large number of targets after becoming a superhero.

Interestingly enough, the first shot we actually get of Ajax and Deadpool fighting is in the experimentation center. Wade is in what looks like a hospital gown, with him and Ajax surrounded by flames. It’s also worth noting that Wade’s face is already pretty messed up at this point. This may be what led to the destruction that we saw earlier. It’s possible that this takes place right after Deadpool’s transformation, and Ajax may blow up the building as a last resort to kill Wilson a little more quickly.

Christmas Deadpool Trailer 3

Directly after this, we are shown Colossus. Part of this scene has appeared in promotional spots before, but it’s still important. Deadpool and Colossus appear to know each other, and Deadpool is also familiar with the X-Men. This might not actually mean anything, but there’s sure to be wild speculation about further X-Men cameos in Deadpool that have somehow been kept under wraps. And to be fair, that’s not impossible. It’s just unlikely.

Following some more action and a bit of crude sexual humor, we’re treated to something we’ve never seen before: a peek at Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s powers. In the comic, she was really just a telepath with powers of precognition. In this, she appears to be something more. When Angel Dust proves to be too strong for Colossus, Deadpool asks his young mutant sidekick to step in. After finishing a tweet, she rushes Angel Dust in a burst of fiery energy.

Christmas Deadpool Trailer 4

Whatever her power is in this film, it appears to suit her name a little better than precognition. Hopefully she won’t upstage Deadpool in his own film, but it does look as if her role is going to be a big one. Especially if she’s the only one capable of taking out the primary villain’s main henchwoman.

If one thing is for certain, it’s that there are still a lot of blanks to be filled in. For instance, this trailer still doesn’t give us a look at the X-Men style uniform that Negasonic Teenage Warhead was wearing in a set picture released a while back. Does she start as an X-Man, or does she eventually become one? And does that mean that Deadpool may become one as well? Add to that a bevy of other unanswered questions. Will Weasel help Deadpool get his teleporter belt? Will Vanessa become Copycat? Will Blind Al’s relationship with Wade Wilson be as demented as it is in the comics?

We’ll find out, when Deadpool hits theaters on February 12, 2016.

Christmas Deadpool Trailer 5