SAMUEL L. JACKSON Wants To Star in 9 More Avengers Movies

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When he’s not stealing some poor dude’s pineapple cheeseburger, Samuel L. Jackson likes to drop by our favorite Marvel movies, starring as the grand cyclopian leader of the SHIELD, Nick Fury. Well, the old war horse inititally signed a 9 picture contract with the House of Ideas, and with production on Avengers: Age of Ultron nearing its start date, he’ll have nearly 7 already completed.  And guess what?  He’s totally down to appear in 9 more Avengers movies (instead of just Marvel movies, which would include the Fox and Sony franchises).

Hold on, let’s count this out, because I may have missed one.

  1. Iron Man (after credits)
  2. Iron Man 2
  3. Thor (after credits)
  4. Captain America: The First Avengers
  5. The Avengers
  6. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  7. The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Alright, that all seems to add up.


7 whole Marvel movies.  Honestly, I never thought I’d see the day when superhero movies ruled the box office, let alone The Avengers.  They were always the doofy, “goodie 2 shoes” of Marvel comics (prior to Mark Millar of course).  My friend and I always preferred the X-Men, Fantastic Four, or Defenders to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

That’s all just a bit of mindless ranting, though.  Back to Samuel L. Jackson.

If he’s signed to 9 more films, where will they cast him?  I wouldn’t want the next phases of Marvel movies, which will probably shift away from the idea of superheroes as governed by SHIELD, to shove Nick Fury down our throats in hackneyed cameo scenes.  If Marvel’s shifting towards Doctor Strange, Marvel Knights, or their Cosmic heroes, leave Nick Fury for the after credits or leave him out.

SOURCE: Fandango

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