Sam Mendes Reporting For Duty: Mendes Confirmed For BOND 24 in 2015

I love a good U-turn. After Sam Mendes adamantly stated that he wouldn’t be back for the twenty-fourth James Bond after the ridiculously successful Skyfall, rumours emerged recently that he was in talks with MGM to direct the new Bond film… and now it’s official.

Yep, the as-yet-untitled (and it’ll stay that way until a slightly odd title is revealed around a year before) Bond 24 will be directed again by Sam Mendes, and will be penned by Skyfall screenwriter John Logan. It’s also been confirmed for a release on October 23, 2015 in the UK and November 6, 2o15 in the US.  Daniel Craig will also be suiting up for the fourth and possibly final time as James Bond, so the status quo is well and truly restored.

While it’s safe to say it won’t budge from the autumn 2015 window, the US release date puts it on the same release day as Marvel and Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man, so expect some movement in either department.

Mendes’ direction was one of the big reasons for Skyfall‘s success, and the 2015 release date is a tad earlier than the 2016 release date that was very seriously being kicked around just a few weeks ago, so it’s looking like very good news for Bond fans… that, and we have a new entry onto the 2015 battleground. It won’t be a very interesting yearI think we can all agree.