RUMOUR: Matthew Vaughn Set To Direct STAR WARS EPISODE VII?

I’m pretty sure the entire planet knows by now that last week Disney bought LucasFilm for $4B and announced Star Wars Episode VII for a 2015 release, so let’s get that out of the way first. Now on to the big stuff. Collider, who are extremely reliable, have just posted a rumour that they’ve made clear is not 100% reliable at this point, but it sounds extremely plausible. Over the past six days fans have debated endlessly about the plot, cast, composer, and most importantly, director, of Episode VII and if the movie site are right then it seems Disney have already found their Lucas replacement.


That’s right, Matthew Vaughn. The profilic director has dabbled in a number of genres, doing sci-fi/fantasy in Stardust (a good thing on an application to direct Star Wars), gritty and grim realism in Kick-Ass (also handling teenage characters well) and successfuly re-vitalising the X-Men franchise with the X-cellent (heh) X-Men: First Class, showing he works well with a large cast of characters and can produce something great in limited time. All great qualities for Episode VII.

Vaughn recently dropped out of directing the next-next instalment in the comic book franchise, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Bryan Singer is set to replace him, but it was thought this was to direct the film adaptation of Mark Millar’s The Secret Service. Could he have dropped out of the sequel to direct Star Wars Episode VII, which is undoubtedly a much, much bigger movie and would be fantastic for his career.

Obviously take this rumour with a grain of salt but the site are extremely reliable, and this is actually an obvious and brilliant choice, one that has been included on a lot of fans wish-lists of directors for the sequel. Would you like to see Matthew Vaughn direct Star Wars Episode VII? Share your thoughts below.

SOURCE: Collider