Robert Downey Jr. Just Crushed Fanboy Hearts Denying IRON MAN 4

During an interview with Variety, Robert Downey Jr. recently revealed their are no current plans for Iron Man 4. Maybe it’s because he is set to appear in the next Avenger’s movie, or it could really mean Marvel is putting a hold on the Iron Man franchise to allow for other superheroes to get their time to shine.


Hopefully it’s not because they’re out of creative ideas for the next installment, which I doubt, especially since we now know the Mandarin is still out there, thanks to a “One-Shot” released along with the Thor: The Dark World home release. There’s also the recent comments from The Mandarin Imposter himself Ben Kingsley, who toyed with the idea that Trevor could actually still be the real Mandarin, who is so brilliant he’s fooling everyone until he feels it’s the right time to strike. Either way, we do deserve a good Mandarin/ Iron Man throw down, and it would be a perfect storyline for Iron Man 4. Tony Stark believed Trevor’s Mandarin to be a distraction, while the “real” Mandarin, Aldrich Killian was killed.


So if someone else comes out as the Mandarin, Tony Stark would underestimate this copycat, until he is surprised to see the REAL Mandarin has finally come out of hiding, and unlike many of his past enemies, this Mandarin is after something mythical. Possibly a third Infinity stone hidden on Earth (kind of cliche, but whatever) and now Iron Man is outmatched and needs someone else to help him out. Enter Thor, and now we have our first Marvel “team-up.” So supposedly there are no plans, as of now, for an Iron Man 4, but this could be a misdirection for something much bigger. Only time will tell, however I’m sure Marvel is ready to put on hold one of their most valuable characters just yet.


SOURCE: Variety