REAL STEEL Wins Weekend Box Office

Good news for Hugh Jackman fans this weekend, as his new film soars to the number 1 spot at the domestic box office.  While industry analysts had dismissed the film’s potential in the weeks leading to its release, the flick about boxing robots has risen to the occasion.  Raking in over $27 million at 3,440 locations, Real Steel owes most of its success to Jackman’s charismatic performance as the down and out boxer Charlie Kenton, having garnered little praise in any other respect.

While the film itself has surpassed studio expectations, the question stills lingers whether or not Jackman can be a true leading man.  Without the X-Men  logo leading marquees, Jackman’s films have been somewhat underwhelming at the box office, none surpassing either the domestic or international haul records set by his time spent as Wolverine.    Real Steel still has time to prove me wrong, but with a production budget estimated at over $100 million, I don’t think it will be Jackman’s vehicle to “guaranteed blockbuster” star status.

Here’s the full weekend breakdown:

Title Weekend Total
1 Real Steel $27,300,000 $27.3
2 The Ides of March $10,400,000 $10.4
3 Dolphin Tale $9,160,000 $49
4 50/50 $5,500,000 $17.3
5 Courageous $4,600,000 $15.8
6 The Lion King 3D $4,550,000 $85.9
7 Dream House $4,500,000 $14.5
8 Moneyball $3,230,000 $49.2
9 What’s Your Number? $3,050,000 $10.3
10 Abduction $2,900,000 $23.3