Production On STAR WARS EPISODE VII Is Farther Along Than We Thought!

In stark contrast to the large amount of information we hear from the sets of most movies, production on Star Wars Episode VII has stayed quite secret. Aside from all but officially confirmed reports that Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford are returning, we don’t even know who’s starring in the movie! Many of you have probably been thinking, “When the hell are we going to learn anything substantial?!?!” Never worry though, fans of that galaxy far, far away. Channeling rarely-seen Hollywood stealth, the movie’s production is already well underway.


In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn revealed that Star Wars Episode VII has already begun filming, and most, but not all, of the casting is completed.

We have a lot of them [in place]. We’re just not completely done yet.

Horn reaffirmed that there were problems getting the script for the seventh installment right, but now it’s “where it needed to be.” He also gave an adjustment on the time frame of the movie, saying that Episode VII takes place 35 years after Episode VI. The film is set for release on December 18, 2015.

star wars episode 7 poster

With filming already started and most of the cast in line, it won’t be long until we start getting more information about the plot and the actors involved. It’s likely that Disney and Lucasfilm will release a detailed press release in a couple weeks. Aside from announcing the new characters and story elements, my primary hope is that they shed a little light on what what happened to the Original Trilogy cast in those three decades. Maybe Han went though a mid-life crisis and traded the Millennium Falcon for one of those Harley Davidson speeder bikes.


SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter