Capcom’s “Phoenix Wright” Gets a Movie

If you’re a fan of Nintendo’s handheld systems, then you’ve probably run across Capcom’s wildly popular series Phoenix Wright.  Well, in a recent press release director Takashi Miike revealed a teaser trailer for a silver screen adaptation aptly titled Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.  You might not be familiar with Miike’s name, but if you’ve spent any late nighs scrolling through Netflix’s foreign section, then you’ve probably seen a few of his films.  He’s the man responsible for Ichi the Killer, The Great Yokai War, and 13 Assassins.  If you feel like checking him out, I recommend starting with Assassins, which I consider to be one of the greatest Japanese imports of the last twenty years.

Check out the trailers for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney below:

What do you guys think? I’m thinking this could be the first great video game movie for a while…