New IRON MAN 3 Trailer Leaks, Shows Hulbuster and Army of Armor in Action


We’ve all been waiting eagerly for this latest trailer of IRON MAN 3 to officially hit the interwebs, and with only 1 day left until Marvel shares its HD version with the public, why not spoil the surprise? We’ve managed to get our hands on a foreign version, and as you’d expect, the quality isn’t exactly top notch, but it’s still an awesome injection of fanboy goodies for those of us jonesing for a fix.




Tony Stark: I can’t sleep.

President: When you elected me, I made you a promise: that I would defend this nation at all costs. The Mandarin must to be stopped.

Mandarin: You don’t know who I am. I will attack them when they least expect it.

Reporter to Tony Stark: What will you do about these attacks?

Aldrich Killian: The world will be watching for it.

Reporter: The question is: where is Tony Stark?

Tony Stark to Pepper Potts: Everything is different now. I must protect the only thing that matters in my life and that’s you.

Mandarin: Mr. Stark, today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Tony Stark to Pepper Potts: Run!

Mandarin: I will give you a choice: to have an empty life or a worthy death.

Tony Stark: You are not a man. You are no more than a maniac. You don’t scare me. There are no politics behind this, just typical revenge.

Tony Stark: We need reinforcements.

Rhodey: That’s your job.

Tony Stark: My friends have arrived.

Well, looks like the Hulkbuster armor is finally confirmed.  And yes, before you even protest, it’s still considered the Hulkbuster armor even though this flick won’t feature a Shellhead vs Hulk brawl.

I wonder if Tony Stark will lead the army, or if Jarvis will somehow control all of them.  As long as they don’t allow the armor to hog too much screentime (please don’t humanize them), I’m always down to watch giant metal suits smash baddies into puddles of goo.

And how about Tony Stark’s new battle bloodied look? While the previous trailers leaned slightly towards darker imagery, this one dives straight in, and I can only hope it works well onscreen. I have faith in director Shane Black, but I wonder if he’s been too influenced by the seriousness of The Dark Knight Saga, an attribute that may not fit well in Iron Man’s universe.

If the trailer wasn’t quite enough to sate your appetite, here’s another look at that amazing poster…



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