New German Trailer for Marvel Avengers Assemble – With New Footage

The second trailer for Marvel Avengers Assemble (or The Avengers for those on the other side of the pond) was released a week ago, and as usual, a foreign-language version with a little extra footage has surfaced. The new German trailer for Avengers has been released, and it includes two brand new scenes, along with the stuff we saw in the English version, plus Thor shouting ‘NEIN!! Um… yeah. Check out the trailer below!

And thanks to Darantino  from Comic Book Movie, we have the translation for those new scenes in English:

Extended Tony Stark Scene:

Tony: And following orders is obviously not my style.

Cap: And everyone knows that style is all you care about.

Tony: From all the people around here, who wears the most figure-hugging outfit?

End Scene with Tony:

Tony: I promise a stress-free environment. No suprises.

Banner: Ow!

Cap: Hey!

Tony: You really got it under control, don’t you. Whats your secret? Relaxing Jazz, Bongo Drums?

Cap: Is everything like a joke to you?

Tony: If it’s funny!