Millar Announces Flood of X-Movies Forthcoming

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After confirming rumors of an upcoming X-Force movie at SDCC, 20th Century Fox’s Mark Millar (Kick Ass 2) revealed that the X-Men movie franchise is “building to something big.” Whether this means a movie for all the major players in the X-verse or just one big, epic event (Apocalypse comes to mind) remains to be seen. This does bring big hopes to fanboys worldwide that many of their favorite mutants will get the blockbuster treatment (Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool better be one of those. Other X-Men/Women that should get their own films are: Magneto (starring Fassbender and MacKellan), Gambit (with Taylor Hitcsh or not), Cable, and Storm (please not Halle Berry). We also might get to see an X-Factor or Generation X movie (especially since no one remembers that horrible Gen X made-for-tv movie).

What it does mean is that Fox intends to ride the mutant cash cow for every penny it’s worth (and judging by how well The Wolverine has been received, that’s an awful lot of pennies). With Days of Future Past on the horizon (check out their new viral videos) and many more X-movies promised, the next few years promise to be x-tremely x-citing to be an X-Men fan. Let’s just hope that the majority of these movies are more First Class and less Last Stand.

SOURCE: MoviePilot

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