Michael B. Jordan Confirms He Auditioned For STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

It seems that everywhere I look online, whenever casting for an upcoming blockbuster movie is mentioned, Michael B. Jordan’s name pops up. It’s understandable considering what a rising star he’s becoming. Still, rumors can be annoying little buggers, and it’s difficult to tell which of them have merit or not. Well, one of those can be cleared up right now: Jordan has auditioned for “Star Wars: Episode VII.”

Jordan told Huffington Post that although he auditioned recently, don’t expect him to be a Jedi or a Sith because he did not use a lightsaber.

I mean, everybody’s going in on this project. They’re trying to figure out what they want. That’s another incredible franchise. It’s pretty crazy! … We’ll see how it happens. I don’t know how I can do everything.

Although the rumor mill is churning out candidates left and right for Episode VII, Jordan is one of only two actors who have been confirmed to have auditioned. “The Lovely Bones” actress Saoirse Ronan was confirmed last week.

In addition to working with Sylvester Stallone on a “Rocky” spinoff, Jordan’s name has also been thrown in as a contender for starring in the “Independence Day” sequel and the “Fantastic Four” reboot, but as of now is not attached to either of those films.

In another interview with People Magazine, Jordan commented on his surge in popularity after appearing in the summer movie “Fruitvale Station,” which was lauded at the Sundance Film Festival.

You win Sundance, you pop up on a lot of peoples’ radar. So it’s been incredible. It’s a different conversation. Studios, producers, writers, directors — getting to know a lot of people in the industry.

The unimaginative part of me thinks Jordan could play Lando Calrissian’s son, but either way, it would be cool to see Jordan in Star Wars. Obvious jokes aside about Lando and Mace Windu being the only two black people in the Star Wars universe, I see Jordan as the type of actor who can not only deliver depth of character, but also deliver as an action hero. Sure I would have liked to see him bust out Jedi moves with a lightsaber, but maybe seeing him use a blaster would be just as cool.

It’ll be another couple months before we hear who has actually been cast in the movie, so enjoy this piece of news while you can. When it comes to Star Wars news, any little tidbit needs to be savored for as long as possible.

SOURCE: Huffington Post