Men In Black 3: A New Batch of Stills Released

It’s fair to say that upcoming threequel/trilogy-capper/finale (and no, I’m not talking about The Dark Knight Rises, however similar it might sound if you sum it up in a sentenceMen in Black 3  has been, behind The Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus one of the most secretive movies of 2012. Sure, we know that it involves Agent K being sent back in time to 1969 and Agent J going back in time to find him and prevent the younger K’s assassination, Nicole Scherzinger and an alien guy called Boris, but apart from that, we don’t know that much. However, this new batch of nine pictures might give you a bit more of a clue about what’s going to go down in the threequel. Feast your eyes on them below:

Men in Black 3 hits cinemas on May 25.