MARVEL STUDIOS President Kevin Feige Promises DAREDEVIL

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Time to steam clean the ol’ rouge tights, Matt Murdock, because you’re coming out of retirement! Not that you were ever “in” retirement, or anything. Perhaps it was more of a self-imposed exile after Ben Affleck’s very leathery, very mediocre Daredevil film from 2004.

In any case… According to Marvel Studios co-president Kevin Feige (you know, the guy who’s actually responsible for creating new Marvel flicks) Daredevil’s coming. Soon. The red horned vigilante of Hell’s Kitchen has always been a fan favorite, so it was only a matter of time before he received his own movie treatment, but the fact that Feige so confidently confirmed that a project was in development… well, that’s just awesome.

Here’s what Papa Feige said in full:

“Daredevil is back at Marvel, and there are lots of talented people figuring out what to do with him next. We love Daredevil, there are amazing stories — the Bendis run over 5 or 6 years, running into a Brubaker run was amazing. All sorts of things before that era we could use — so I think you can bet on seeing SOMETHING from Daredevil in the not to distant future.”

I’m only gonna say this once, so listen up Marvel execs… Matt Murdock’s ethnic identity better be a huge part of this film. I absolutely adore Irish – American soaked flicks set in New York City (or Boston). Well, for that matter, I absolutely adore actual Irish flicks as well, so perhaps I’m just a -phile of some sort. Still, could you imagine high flying Matt Murdock, flying between the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen in his bright red suit, while a massively Irish theme plays along with him.

I’ve done my best to recreate my idea, so just play either one of the videos and consider it in the context of little Matty Murdock for a moment.

See what I’m saying?




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  • kixxxers

    You can’t do a Daredevil Movie without a “Proper” Representation of *Stick. He doesn’t teach himself he must have that Mentor.