Listen to the Opening of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS!!

That’s right. Star Wars fans are so obsessive and crazy that we’re all excited over a couple of seconds of music, which is similar to what’s been around for almost forty years. But you knew that anyway.

60 Minutes recently visited a scoring session for The Force Awakens, held by the man himself: John Williams. During this particular session, Williams and his orchestra were composing the opening of the movie – post-crawl. J.J. Abrams was also there and was basically geeking out to one of the presenters over the fact that this was actually happening, and it’s fantastic to watch. However, be warned – if you’re avoiding footage then don’t watch further than the scoring…

As you can see (hear), the opening music is similar to how it has been in all of the previous Star Wars movies, but there’s a few notes in there which make it a little more distinctive.

The spoilers I was referring to come from the second full clip from the movie, as seen on a bunch of monitors, albeit in a heavily watermarked state. If you’re carefully avoiding all footage and spoilers then don’t worry, we won’t talk about it here (although it isn’t exactly what I’d call revealing). If you aren’t, then it was pretty neat, right?

It’s not long until we can listen to the full soundtrack, as The Force Awakens starts hitting theaters… well, tomorrow, actually, if you live in France.