Kraven be Huntin’ SPIDER-MAN in His Next Movie

Ultimate Comics-Spider-Man 23_Widescreen


The Marvel Studios Spider-Man reboot is hitting screens in 2017 and since it was announced a few months ago its been subject to a hell of a lot of speculation from fans. Will it be an origin story? Will Gwen Stacy be back? Or will it be Mary-Jane? Who’s gonna be the villain? Will J.K. Simmons be back as J. Jonah. Jameson? Well, we have the answer to at least one of those questions. Allegedly.

Heroic Hollywood is reporting that Sony’s Vice President of Creative Affairs, Karen Moy, has recently bought a copy of the famous comic run Kraven’s Last Hunt, surprisingly about the Spidey villain Kraven the Hunter. Seems like a largely inconsequential piece of information – y’know, Ms Moy may just be looking for some light reading – but the site are also saying that she’s been running Sony’s story department for two decades and has bought stuff like this in the past. Also, Marvel are cheap and wouldn’t get them a copy. That may sound shocking but I’m more shocked by the fact they don’t have one lying around.

Therefore, they theorise this is for research – and what else would she be researching?


Yeah, it’s all a little flimsy, but sometimes flimsy reasoning can blow things like this wide open. This isn’t the first time this rumour has poked its head up either; The Daily Superhero first ran it back in June. Kraven’s also a pretty good villain for a new movie; I wanted Vulture, but whatever. Marvel and Sony need to ensure that this movie is gonna be great, and a decent way to do that would be adapting one of the most famous comic runs of the character. I’ll have to get on and read it.

Bare in mind that this is just hypothetical research – there’s no guarantee that Kraven will actually end up as the villain of the Spider-Man reboot, but it would be pretty awesome. The movie hits July 28th, 2017, and we should hopefully know more deets sometime before the end of the year.