Kate Mara Throws Shade at FANTASTIC FOUR

“Hey, guys! Fantastic Four sucked, right?!?!”

The shit-hurling contest for who could hurl the most shit at Fantastic Four within the fan community probably ended a few weeks ago, however that doesn’t mean that the contest is necessarily over for those outside of the fan community – or rather, it hasn’t even begun. Until now.


Kate Mara, who played Sue Storm in the reboot, recently admitted she hasn’t even seen the movie yet because the bad reviews put her off. Y’know, we don’t blame her. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight yesterday, it emerged that she’s just as willing to throw some shade at her movie as she is willing to avoid it. Mara was there to chat about The Martian (which is apparently great) alongside stars Sebastian Stan and Michael Peña. The one thing they have in common? They’ve all been in Marvel movies, and Mara insists that-

(mine) was the biggest success. I just want to put it out there.”

Even though Fantastic Four was certainly a bigger success than either of the Captain America movies or Ant-Man, Sebastian Stan couldn’t find any time in his busy schedule to see it. Fortunately, Mara offered some consolation, reminding him “neither did the rest of the world.”

sue storm fantastic four

But hey – the important thing when making a movie is that you have fun, and when that happens on set it almost always echoes on screen. “I’ve certainly been a part of movies that people are not very thrilled about. It’s nice to be in something that you loved working on,” Mara said of The Martian.

The Martian lands in theaters on October 2nd. The inevitably painful and awkward Fantastic Four home video campaign will probably happen sometime towards Christmas – or never.