JURASSIC PARK Joins The Billion Dollar Club

Congratulations to Steven Spielberg, Sam Neil, and the rest of the amazing cast and crew of Jurassic Park, as the classic 90’s flick has officially joined the Billion Dollar Club after a stellar re-opening in China this weekend. The film garnered $6.2 million, enough to push its gross to $1.04 Billion,.

Joining only 16 other movies, JP is part of an elite group of blockbuster fils. Although, when adjusted for inflation, Jurassic Park would net $1.7 Billion, far beyond any current releases. And while that may give some a faint feeling of righteousness “The old ones still made more money!”, that method of comparison will always be a bit controversial. Simply stated, films from previous decades have never been quite as affected by digital piracy. Combined with competition from other segments of the entertainment market like video games, streaming media, and handheld devices, it’s a difficult time for big budget flicks.

This certainly bodes well for next year’s Jurassic Park 4, which will revisit the “God created ManMan destroyed GodMan created dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eatman…Woman inherits the earth.” struggles of old.  Colin Trevorrow, the director of Safety Not Guaranteed (a kinda, sorta sci-fi movie) will take over as director and we can only dream that some members of the old cast will return.  Sam Neil, Jeff Goldblum… I’m looking at you.


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