Josh Trank May Not Direct Fantastic Four Reboot

Earlier this month we reported that Josh Trank, the hottest director in Hollywood right now, had agreed to direct Fantastic Four for them and the movie would begin filming after the sequel to X-Men: First Class has been released in July 2013. But way before Deadline reported Trank would direct Fantastic Four, it was revealed he had signed a deal with Warner Bros to helm The Red Star for release in 2014, and it already has a script, and Jeremy Slater has only recently started work on the Marvel reboot.

Now, when David Slade dropped out of the Daredevil reboot it was also revealed that Fox would have to get production started by the Fall (two months from now) or the rights revert back to Marvel. The last Daredevil-related movie that was released was Elektra in 2005, although most of us prefer to believe that movie never happened. One would assume the same deal was made for each Marvel project, and as Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was out in 2007, it seems Fox would have to get the reboot into production by 2014 or the rights go back.

That means Josh Trank will have to choose either Fantastic Four or The Red Star to film in the later half of 2013 and as the latter movie already has a script and strict filming timeline (and is confirmed), whilst nothing is confirmed regarding the former. WB are not going to let their guy make a movie for a rival studio first, so chances are Fox are gonna have to drop Trank and get another director. But the company will still make it after the release/end of production of First Class 2. So, unfortunately it seems Marvel’s First Family may not be going back to the House of Ideas any time soon (unless there’s another string of delays), but we’ll definitely be getting Daredevil back this year. So, I’m joining CBM and Latino Review here, thinking that Trank will drop FF and DD will go back to Marvel. What do you think? Sound off below.

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