It’s Woody v Buzz When TOY STORY Meets BATMAN V SUPERMAN

Ah, fan trailers.


We’ve covered stuff from the folks at CineMash before (Batman v Superman v… Deadpool) and now they’re back with another fun crossover trailer, once again in the style of the aforementioned movie – just without Deadpool.

I’ve never met a single person who dislikes Toy Story. It accomplishes everything it wants to achieve, it’s got fun characters, an interesting premise and they’re absolutely stuffed with heart and love. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t the possibility of going to some dark places with these characters – perhaps another feud between Woody and Buzz Lightyear…? That’s exactly what this fan mash-up trailer sets out to suggest.

Pixar, screw a Woody/Bo Peep love story for Toy Story 4. This is the movie you’ve gotta make!

I was a little confused about who was supposed to be who in the trailer. The dialogue lifted pretty much completely centered around Superman and Buzz clearly took on that role, but Woody kinda seemed like Clark Kent, and Buzz could easily be Batman as well. Perhaps the angle they were going for is Clark’s inner battle between his public persona and his superhero one and how they will eventually clash.

Or maybe I’m really overthinking it and it’s just a cool mash-up of Toy Story and Batman v Superman.

Yeah, I’m overthinking it.

But what I just suggested would actually be neat to see on screen. Time to get Zack on the phone…