Is Superman in “The Dark Knight Rises”?

So everyone’s touting “The Dark Knight Rises” as the end of the Bat-verse…but what does that mean? A lot of people have interpreted that as an allusion to Batman’s death or his resignation, but I have a different idea. I think Nolan will open up the world of Batman to the greater pantheon of DC heroes, and most importantly Superman. I know that seems weird, but just hear me out…

As reported by our friends at a few days ago, it seems like the Superman “S” symbol appears in the teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises released months ago. Look closely near the left wing:

Here’s a loser look:

Looks like it couldn’t really be mistaken as a coincidence. The only real question is, why? Are WB/DC teasing us for a Man of Steel trailer, or is it something much more exciting and crazy/awesome?

Maybe Bruce Wayne could simply read something in the news about the alien in Metropolis? Or, even though this against comic canon, Supes’ quest could be one result of Bats’ inspiration to make the world a better place?

All I know is, it would be terrible from a financial and artistic standpoint not to use TDKR as a link to the rest of the DC Movie Universe. With Marvel’s astounding success in that regard, how could DC not use their giant success with Batman films to introduce us to the Last Son of Krypton. And since this is the final Batflick, this is for all the marbles.  With Christopher Nolan also producing the next Superman movie, doesn’t it make sense that he might include Superman? I’m convinced that there will be some terrific surprises in The Dark Knight Rises, whether it be Robin, unused Heath Ledger as Joker footage, or even an appearance by Kal-El.

Got any thoughts on the conspiracy theories revolving around next summer’s highly-anticipated movie? Sound off in the comments below.