New Star Wars Villain INQUISITOR Rips Off Darth Vader

star wars inquisitor darth vader banner

I’ve been really psyched for Star Wars Rebels in recent weeks. As the marketing team unveils more and more official photos (building anticipation for a trailer, no doubt) we’ve been treated to a first look at a brand new Star Wars villain, The Inquisitor, and my socks are officially rocked.

My first thought? Bad-f###ing-Ass. The Inquisitor’s a giant, lanky, Cumberbatch-looking Jedi Hunter, wielding a wonky red lightsaber as he hacks down the forces of good one at a time. He’s sorta the Hans Landa of outer space.

inquistor darth vader star wars

He also gains quite a few cool points for trend setting, as he’s the first new canonical Star Wars villain since Disney bought the franchise 2 years ago. Rocking the sleek black jammies of an Imperial loyalist and a unique “scarrified” countenance, he’s a pretty unique looking dude.

EXCEPT… he kinda looks exactly like a helmetless Darth Vader. Ol Annie’s the reigning “pale and scarred” champion of the Star Wars universe, and especially in the context of the Sith, he should be the only dude with such a unique aesthetic. We often forget his milky white complexion because of his dapper helmet, but if you compare both the Inquisitor and casual attire Vader (no helmets allowed!), they kinda look similar.

Here’s Mr. Skywalker sans head garb for comparison:

star wars darth vader