The HUMANITY! Is An INHUMANS Film Finally Happening?

Inhumans is one of those comic super-hero groups that comic fans love…but even the most loyal fan would say that the chances of this group getting the Hollywood treatment was slim, at best. Or is it?

Collider, who has been right on the money plenty of times before, is reporting that the Inhumans are getting a film after all….and that the script may already be done! Reportedly, like how Nicole Perlman wrote the first draft of the Guardians of the Galaxy script for Marvel’s writing program, Joe Robert Cole has written a draft for Inhumans that Marvel apparently likes, and the next step is finding a director!

Collider also says that Inhumans will take up one of the dates that Marvel revealed a few weeks back. My money would be one of the 2017 dates. Coincidentally, Vin Diesel posted a Facebook post hinting that he would be in a Inhumans film (as Black Bolt?), which we previously reported.

Inhumans Group

I think its pretty safe to assume that part of the reason we’re getting Inhumans is thanks to the wonderful and well-received Guardians of the Galaxy film. Now that Guardians has been a success, Marvel Studios will start to adapt more cosmic and “risky” superheroes to adapt. I approve, as I really enjoy the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe!

Lately, the Inhumans have also been getting a large push in the comics, having a large roles in two of the recent events, and getting their own comic series. Could that have also been testing the waters?

So…after seeing Guardians, or you excited to see more out of Marvel’s cosmic side? Do you think Vin Diesel should be in the film? Do you think Inhumans will be released in 2017? Sound off in the comments!

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Source: Collider